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What is TrueFanz?

TrueFanz is a content creation platform for creators to showcase and monetize their creative work online. It is a social media platform designed to help content creators grow their brand and fan base. We give them tools they can use to communicate with their fans effectively and efficiently, while also providing the audience with a space where they can support the artists they love.

TrueFanz has been a leading content creation and monetization platform that has quickly earned a reputation for its innovative and useful features for creators and fans. The platform is built by the content creators and offers attractive opportunities for the influencers to grow earnings and followings simultaneously.

It offers premium and exclusive features for the creators through which they can transform their fans into active participants in their content-making journey. The platform ensures faster payouts, content security, and lifetime referral earning opportunities to ensure consistent and higher earnings.


FOUNDER: Tim Branyan

DEVELOPED BY: Logic Square Technologies


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Things Creators Can Do On TrueFanz

TrueFanz is a content creation platform for creators that helps content creators and their fans to connect with each other. Content creators can earn money in many ways – selling exclusive access to their original content, selling products, or getting support from their followers via donations. Fans can connect with their favorite content creators and get quick access to their exclusive content.

Paid Live Event

TrueFanz connects creators with their fans and empower them to monetize their influence by helping them conduct paid live events.


TrueFanz allows creators to organize and archive their content in folders. Fans only have the right to access and unlock the vault and get access to exclusive content.

Preview Content

We offer a preview content tool, through which creators can create and upload 30-60 seconds teaser/preview videos for their fans.

Membership Plan

TrueFanz offers attractive membership plans which include various exclusive features and benefits for creators and their fans.

Paid Exclusive content

With TrueFanz, creators can give their most supportive fans an exclusive access to the premium content through a subscription plan.

Message Filtering

Message filtering feature allows creators to engage with their special fans anytime and anywhere to win back inactive fans.

What Makes TrueFanz Unique?

Higher Earnings

TrueFanz provides over 8 different ways to earn income: subscription plans, live-streaming, mass messaging, pay-per-view content, donations, and more...

Tier 1 Security

The content creator can post their content fearlessly as TrueFanz provides a Tier-1 security on its platform with the screenshot detection alert. So your content will be safe.

Instant Payouts

On TrueFanz, you can take advantage of instant payments. It's your money, take your active funds out whenever and wherever you want within seconds.

No Porn Allowed

We are an invite-only wholesome alternative platform for content creators whom want to monetize their audience, but without the adult stigma attached.

Lifetime Referral Program

It allows creators to earn a rewarding commission for every new creator they add to our platform. A creator can earn money through our program for an entire lifetime.

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Things That Subscribers Can Do On TrueFanz

Exclusive Content

You can enjoy all the exclusive content of your favorite creators by subscribing to their accounts.


You can connect with them through messages and share your request or thoughts with them

Live Event

You can attend their exclusive live events, and you will get a chance to know more things about them.

Get Connected To Your Favorite Creators on TrueFanz

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