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An online review platform for realtors to get new and genuine online reviews automatically after every closing.

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What is Syndly?


Syndly is an Online Review Platform For Realtors that helps realtors simplify and streamline the process of asking for reviews from their customers. Through Syndly, realtors can get new reviews after every closing automatically. The platform is built to increase the online reputation of realtors by getting more reviews, more referrals, and more sales. It provides users with frictionless review funnels to manage online reviews more efficiently. It offers an automatic follow-up option that reminds your customers to leave reviews for your site. Syndly helps realtors rank higher in popular search sites by getting online reviews from their customers consistently.

Syndly online review platform seamlessly integrates with many popular review sites which allows you to get reviews on the sites that have wider exposure. With the help of this platform, businesses can convert searching buyers and sellers into their customers and increase sales. Join us to boost the foundation of your marketing campaigns by generating more online reviews!


FOUNDER: Chris Beatty

DEVELOPED BY: Logic Square Technologies


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Why Choose Syndly To Grow Your Online Reviews?

Syndly is a leading online review platform for realtors that offers attractive service plans for realtors to start, grow, and scale their businesses by generating more reviews. With cutting-edge features like review notifications, automated follow-up, QR codes, optional review filtering, etc. Syndly allows realtors to manage their online reviews more efficiently. 

Attractive Plans

Syndly offers attractive service plans for realtors to start, grow, and scale their businesses by generating more reviews. Users can start their 14-day trial for just $1 to see the results.

Cutting-Edge Features

It provides realtors with a range of modern tools and features like review notifications, automated follow-up, QR codes, optional review filtering, etc. to manage their online reviews more efficiently.

White-Label Branding

It allows realtors to customize their review management system with their brand voice. With this facility, clients can have a consistent brand identity across all digital channels.

Higher Ranking

With Syndly, realtors can collect and manage reviews from popular review and search sites and highlight the positive reviews to boost their online presence, visibility, and rankings.

User Assistance

Syndly provides users with an entire library of video training modules to make them get acquainted with the Syndly and teach them how to use it.

Easy Review Management

It takes care of the online review management system of your business by automating the review generation process and adding message filtering.

What Makes Syndly Unique?

Unlimited Contracts

It provides realtors with an opportunity to upload as many client credentials on this platform to get unlimited reviews from them.

Get Access To Unlimited Review Sites

Syndly seamlessly integrates with over 100 leading review sites like Google, Facebook, and which increase the chances of receiving more reviews from your clients.

Review Analytics

It offers a cutting-edge review analytics tool that enables realtors to see detailed analytics of the reviews received from customers.

Custom Follow-Up Sequences

Syndly’s automated pre-built customizable follow-up emails gently remind and request your clients to leave a review about your services.

Sequence Builder

With the help of the Syndly sequence builder tool, realtors can use any combination of SMS, emails, and timeframes to request clients for their reviews.

Get Review Notifications Instantly

Syndly provides you with the option to receive text and email notifications anytime your clients leave a review on search sites through Syndly.

Syndly Helps You To Get Genuine Online Reviews

How Syndly Can Help You Get More Reviews?

Automate Review Requests

Syndly automates review requests for your clients to boost your online presence by getting more reviews on your preferred platform.

Remove The Frictions

Apart from it’s frictionless review funnels, it provides your customers with direct links to your preferred review sites to speed up reviews.

Automate The Follow-Up

Syndly's automated follow-up campaigns remove the hassle of reminding busy clients to leave a review in a non-intrusive manner.

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