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Hi! I am Tim Branyan, your ultimate partner for comprehensive IT support and success-driven solutions. I and my team provide the best IT solutions for small businesses and help to provide you with the much-needed technological edge to propel your business forward.

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Why Choose Me For Your IT Needs?

As a hustling entrepreneur like you, I understand the significance of using technology in startups. That’s why me and my team have been developing cutting edge IT innovations that fit your customers, business, and budget. I know the growing challenges for small businesses more than anyone else. To tackle these challenges, I have designed and developed IT solutions for small businesses, enabling them to transform their ideas into realities at reasonable costs. With me, you get a person who deeply cares about the growth and success of your small and medium enterprise and understands the specifics of startups. With the greatest humility, I can ensure greater ROI on your time and money.

My aim is to become the leading IT consultant in the USA who cares for small business owners. With me and my team, you will get comprehensive, high-quality IT services without troubling your pocket. I provide small businesses and startups with a wide range of services including budget-friendly mobile app development, high-end software development, elegant cloud computing services, cybersecurity services, industry-focused project management and ERP solutions. I can help your business evolve, scale, and grow while making it digitally cognizant.

Let’s Create Something Innovative

My team specializes in providing comprehensive IT solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of small businesses. My expert team carefully develops customized IT solutions for small businesses to drive growth and success for clients. We offer cost-effective IT solutions to minimize downtime and keep your systems running smoothly. Let’s take a look at our innovative approach towards budget-friendly IT solutions.

Result-Driven IT Solutions

With our in-depth industry knowledge, we create customized IT strategies that align with your goals and drive tangible results. Every business is unique, so we take the time to understand your challenges and objectives to design and implement innovations that make a real impact.

Finest IT Avengers

I am proud to have a dedicated and skilled team of IT professionals ready to serve your business needs. My team has highly trained experts with years of experience in various IT domains. We stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies to ensure that we provide cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Strategic IT Services

I offer strategic IT services designed to empower your startup. My strategic IT services focus on aligning your technology goals with your overall business objectives, helping you leverage technology to gain a competitive edge.

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My Offerings To Transform Your Business

I take pride in our IT solutions for small businesses. My team offers a comprehensive range of IT solutions and services to transform your business and make it thrive in the digital landscape. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we can help you leverage technology to optimize your operations, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition. We will assess your current IT requirements and understand your future business goals to provide strategic guidance to align your technology investments with your overall objectives. From us, you will get a roadmap that outlines the steps you need to take your business forward in this digital landscape. 

As a leading IT consultant in the USA, I provide my clients with multiple IT development and application services. My offerings include  mobile app development, software development, cloud computing solutions, cybersecurity services, project management assistance, and top-notch ERP solutions. Let’s take a look at my offerings at a glance.

Mobile App Development

I offer high-end mobile app development services for small businesses and help my clients thrive in the digital landscape. My team provide strategic guidance to shape your app idea into a well-defined and successful mobile solution.

Software Development

I provide high-value software development services for small businesses by developing custom software solutions for startups. Whether it's a web application, desktop software, or a cloud-based solution, our developers will deliver them.

Cloud Computing

My team offers affordable cloud computing services in the USA to help small businesses harness the power of cloud computing for enhanced productivity, scalability, and flexibility. With us, you can focus on your core business, while we manage your cloud infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Services

I provide cost effective cyber security solutions for small businesses which include security assessment, IT audit, network security, data loss prevention, identity and access management, incident response and threat intelligence, and many more.

Project Management

I understand the significance of project management services for small businesses. That's why my team closely work with clients to define project objectives, scopes, and timelines to achieve their project goals within budget.

Enterprise Resource Planning

My team delivers high-value ERP services for small businesses to help them streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and achieve greater visibility and control over their organizations. With me, you will achieve better resource planning and management for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Me and my team offers a wide range of IT services and customized solutions for small businesses and startups including mobile app development, customized software development, cloud computing solutions, professional cybersecurity services and consultations, project management services, and ERP solutions.

What truly sets me apart is my ability to deliver ROI-driven, affordable, yet innovative IT solutions. We understand that as a small business or startup, you need to maximize the value of your IT investments and achieve tangible results. My team leverages their expertise and industry insights to recommend cost-effective solutions that not only address your immediate needs but also contribute to your long-term growth and success.

Yes, I have a reliable IT partner that I highly appreciate – Logic Square Technologies. With their expertise and experience in the IT industry, I provide my clients with comprehensive yet affordable IT solutions.


The software or mobile development cost largely depends on the complexity of your application, features, business category, and budget. However, I always try to make my IT services reasonable and pocket-friendly for small businesses and startups. Here, I have an aim to make small business owners digitally competent. So, don’t worry about prices. My service package is more reasonable than many leading IT companies out there.

I understand that every business has its own requirements and goals. That’s why I take a customized approach to my services. I closely collaborate with our clients to understand their specific needs and challenges. It allows my team to design and implement IT solutions that align with their business objectives, budget, and timeline.