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What is TradeHub Pro?

Transform your contracting business with TradeHub Pro, the ultimate tool for estimating and invoicing. With features designed to increase your profits on every project, it gives you the power to manage your projects seamlessly. The advanced tracking and analytics tools help you stay on top of your projects and make informed decisions, while TradeHub Pro’s customizable features let you tailor the platform to fit your business needs.

TradeHub Pro is more than just an estimating and invoicing tool – it’s a complete project management solution that seamlessly integrates across all your devices. Whether you’re using TradeHub Pro on your Android or iOS device, you’ll enjoy a seamless user experience that simplifies project management. With smart cost estimating and accounting tools, you can keep your project costs under control and ensure that every job is completed on time and within budget. Join TradeHub Pro today and take your contracting business to the next level.


FOUNDER: Jason Finney & Jason Humrichous

DEVELOPED BY: Logic Square Technologies


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Why Should Contractors Use TradeHub Pro?

Tradehub Pro is an estimating and invoicing tool for contractors who are looking to streamline their project management and accounting processes. One of the key features of this software is its ability to generate professional and paperless estimates and invoices, making it an essential tool for any contractor looking to impress potential clients and maximize their earnings. So, get ready to give your contractor business a new height!

Generate Paperless Quotes

With the help of Tradehub Pro app, contractors can develop professionally sound quotations for their clients and send them in a paperless format.

Generate Online Invoices

With the help of It’s invoicing templates, contractors can create flawless and customized invoices for your clients and track them efficiently.

Project & Client Management

The application is designed with effective communication tools that enable contractors to stay connected with their clients and projects.

Increased Profit

The TradeHub Pro helps contractors see a detailed financial overview, enabling them to make informed decisions that can lead to increased profits.

Workforce Alignment

Its estimation software offers unique features that facilitate seamless integration and coordination among your team, enabling them to work on multiple projects efficiently.

Push Notifications

With Tradehub Pro push notification feature, contractors can send messages, quotes, and invoices directly to their clients through email or text message format.

What Makes TradeHub Pro Unique?

Smooth UI

Tradehub Pro app is designed to provide users with seamless UI and user experience across all devices and platforms.

Secured Application

It has advanced security features and data protection facilities to protect all the personal and professional information of contractors & clients.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Tradehub Pro provides the ultimate flexibility by working seamlessly across various devices and operating systems such as PC, Android, and iOS.

Remote Accessibility

With its application, contractors can track their ongoing projects remotely and monitor their progress continuously all the time.

Round-The-Clock Support

TradeHub Pro has an experienced and technologically efficient customer support team who can provide assistance 24*7.

Total Automation

With TradeHub Pro, bid management becomes a breeze as its software boasts powerful automation features that optimize your workflows, leading to increased efficiency and outcomes.

A platform to mange your conract business

TradeHub Pro: A Game Changer for Contractors

Improved ROI

It helps you improve your ROI by offering smart quotation and estimation features, enabling you to quote more accurately to win more projects.

Rapid Response

Tradehub Pro allows you to manage your contracting projects more efficiently and complete them within the given deadline.

Convenient Workflow

Its quick response and smooth workflow capabilities make communication with your team, clients, and suppliers more seamless.

An Online Estimation And Invoicing Software For Contractors

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