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A Mobile Notary Software for Signing Agents and Signing Services to automate and streamline the document signing/closing workflow.

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What is Closewise?

Closewise is a mobile notary software, built by the signing company for the signing companies, signing agents, and mobile notaries to streamline their document signing process. This platform helps document signing businesses increase their workflow cohesion with automation and notarial management. Closewise platform is designed and developed to make the notarial tasks paperless and automated. It offers cutting-edge features and tools to reduce time-consuming repetitive notarial tasks. With the help of these features, notaries can schedule, organize, and track clients seamlessly with less time. 

Closewise is a game changer for notary professionals, offering an array of high-end features such as scheduling, payment processing, accounting, and more. With real-time notifications, notaries, signing agents, and companies can stay ahead of their schedules and appointments. Closewise’s secure payment platform ensures fast and secure closings. By joining Closewise, notary professionals can work smart, save time, and scale their document signing business to new heights. Take your business to the next level with Closewise!


FOUNDER: Tyler Temple

DEVELOPED BY: Logic Square Technologies


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How Signing Services Can Use Closewise?

Closewise is a comprehensive mobile notary software designed to streamline notarial functions for signing agents and signing companies. With features like scheduling, reporting, payment processing, and accounting, Closewise can help notary professionals manage their document signing business efficiently. The platform offers real-time notifications to keep signing agents ahead of their schedules and appointments. Additionally, Closewise has a robust payment platform that ensures fast and secure closings.

Increase Turnaround Time

Closewise has a smart notification feature that allows loan signing companies to increase the turnaround time.

Enhanced Data & Security Compliance

Closewise offers robust data security and integrity to help signing companies protect their sensitive information and client details.

Per-Transaction Cost Optimization

With the help of features like intelligent scheduling and client order management, signing services can save more per transaction.

Premium Customer Experience

It offers premium features like confirmation upload technology to ensure smooth and satisfied customer experience.

Make Companies Audit-Ready

It helps signing companies improve their audit readiness by facilitating AI enabled accounting tools to manage complete tax compliance.

Ensure Faster Closings

With the help of Closewise notary software, signing services can track and manage their overall accounting and payment activities to speed up closings.

What Makes Closewise Unique?


Closewise provides users with an all-in-one notary accounting tool to keep track of profit & loss, expenses, and income. In addition, it can help generate invoices automatically.

Payment Processing

It enables users receive payments directly from other Closewise vendors by automating agent payroll and payment approval tasks.


With Closewise, users can track, monitor, and stay up to date with all their appointments, meetings, and orders at their fingertips. Additionally, it helps them upload orders automatically.


It has an effective notification feature that provides users with real-time notifications about their appointments to streamline daily operations in a cost-effective manner.


The reporting feature helps notaries and signing agents analyze each revenue stream of their businesses to strategize their necessary business actions and decisions.

Closing File Details

This feature provides users with a birds eye view of their total assignments including signer information, client, details, appointments, and lender information to facilitate informed decision-making.

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How Signing Agents Can Use Closewise?

Mileage Log

It has a mileage log feature in its notary tool that helps signing agents keep track of their traveling expenses for reimbursement and expense management.

Smart Scheduling

Closewise master schedule syncs with Google calendar and helps signing agents stay up to date with all appointment and meeting details at their fingertips.

Easy Call & Confirmation

It offers a powerful dashboard which has easy call and confirm features for signing agents to quickly confirm appointments & stay in touch with companies.

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