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Frequently Asked Questions

The platform can’t “guarantee” it (but they kinda do), with over half a million worker profiles, there’s a lot of talent in their database.

They rarely find an employer who can’t find a good fit for their company. Usually it’s the employer who wants someone who can do EVERYTHING that is dissatisfied. That’s not you…right?

Plus, they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you don’t find a great fit, just let them know and they will refund your money no questions asked.

Free allows you to post a job and see job applications. It gives you a good idea of if you’re going to find someone good. You can’t see applicants contact info or communicate with them until you upgrade.

You can only interview and hire workers once you’ve paid for an account and unlock the features.

The short – none.

The medium – this is an overseas sub-contractor. You don’t 1099 them. You don’t report their wages. You don’t pay unemployment insurance. You don’t do withholding. You don’t have to deal with taxes (please consult a tax professional!)

– don’t take a cut of worker salaries

– don’t mark up worker salaries

– don’t get in between your communication with your worker

– don’t force you to pay your workers through the platform

– Upwork, Fiverr, and most other sites encourage short-term, temporary work that’s gate-kept by their platform. OnlineJobs.ph who I recommend and use encourages long-term permanent workers.

In my experience businesses tend to succeed better without 100% turnover… 

Do yourself a favor and hire your next VA from OnlineJobs.ph


If you consider the 100% money back guarantee, there’s not much risk. If you don’t find someone, ask for your money back. They’re a trusted US based company.

They honor their guarantee.

They charge up front so they don’t have to mark up salaries. Nobody likes unnecessary markups.

Very few people I know who discover OJ.PH ever go back to the old way of outsourcing (upwork, freelancer, fiverr…)