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My story...

I have been a leader in the tech industry since early 2010.

I began my career as an Airman in the United States Air Force and realized that wasn’t the path I wanted to continue on.

In 2012 with no formal education and only $6,241.56, I launched my first app.

Since then I have launched hundreds of successful apps, developed hundreds of platforms, and founded multi-million-dollar companies.

I have scaled to millions of users across my various platforms globally.

My mission is to help people become rich without sacrificing their sanity or soul. 

You don’t need to work 90 hours a week losing precious family time to build a better future. Your fitness, family, and faith should NEVER suffer in the pursuit of your freedom. ‍ I have proven that it’s possible to nurture and enjoy all aspects of life while investing in a business.

I work less than 20-30 hours a week running 4+ businesses that generate millions globally.

Through automation and systems, I’m able to spend my time on the things that are most important to me… (or my wife) haha 

It’s my responsibility to share everything I’ve learned, and empower others. 

I encourage you to use the resources on this website and to start growing in all aspects of your life/business.

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Some of my recent projects...

12+ yrs of exp.

I have lived fast making every mistake in the book while learning a ton of sh** along the way… 

I provide clarity in a world of confusion.

I keep things real, and my team and I tell the truth. (even if it hurts feelings)

I have met a lot of people and have been blessed with an incredible network.

My team and I are committed to delivering world-class solutions.

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