Welcome to my personal website! I am a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and tech leader with a passion for innovation and problem-solving. 

For over 13 years, my team and I have been developing custom software solutions that empower individuals and organizations across the globe.

Who am I beyond the professional labels And Certifications?

I’m a man of God, aligning my work and gifts as a kingdom-building act of worship.

My career trajectory has been anything but linear; it’s been filled with daring leaps, inevitable setbacks, and countless lessons that have profoundly shaped my approach to business and life.

My work extends to partnerships with various U.S. Federal government entities and municipal bodies across the nation, which attests to my teams commitments and capabilities. 

As a leader, I’ve navigated through numerous challenges, learning and growing from each experience. These aren’t just milestones, but stepping stones that have equipped me to grow into the business leader, father, and husband I am today.

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