Maximizing ROI: Best 9 AI Tools for Successful Marketing Funnels

Knowing the customer journey from the initial awareness to the final purchase is crucial for businesses as it helps make further decisions. A sales funnel helps in doing so by visualizing the customer journey.

As customers expect personalized, real-time experiences, the need for AI in marketing has skyrocketed. Today, Artificial Intelligence is creating optimized marketing funnels by automating the entire process. These tools can analyze vast amounts of data to identify potential leads, personalize marketing messages, and predict customer behavior. But why marketers are so excited about it? 

Marketers are benefiting significantly from AI tools in creating marketing funnels. These tools enable marketers to streamline their processes, reduce manual work, and gain deeper insights into customer behavior. AI-driven analytics provide valuable data that helps refine marketing strategies, leading to more targeted campaigns, increased conversion rates, and improved ROI.

And guess what? Even small businesses are using AI tools for successful marketing funnels. These tools allow SMEs to level play. They can reach their target audience by relying upon the data provided by these funnels. 

Why You Should Use AI Tools For Creating Marketing Funnels?

Using AI tools for creating marketing funnels offers several compelling advantages:

  • Efficiency: It builds and optimizes marketing funnels, such as segmenting audiences, personalizing content, and scheduling follow-up emails.
  • Personalization: AI-based sales funnels can analyze huge datasets to understand individual customer preferences and behaviors. This data-driven approach enables highly personalized marketing funnels, increasing the chances of conversions.
  • Predictive Analysis: These sales funnels can predict customer behavior based on mapping the historical data, helping marketers anticipate and proactively address customer needs. 
  • Real-Time Analytics: A marketing funnel integrated with AI can adjust elements like content, timing, and audience targeting to maximize conversion rates.
  • Drive Sales: Artificial intelligence can easily read the data points among huge data. This way they can find the best leads which can be further used to drive sales.

Top 9 AI Tools For Successful Marketing Funnels

Now you know how AI is helping businesses create sales funnels. Let’s go through some top AI-backed tools that might help you deal with multiple dimensions of marketing– with the ultimate goal of increasing your ROI.

1. 6Sense Revenue AI

6Sense Revenue AI is an AI tool for creating effective sales funnel that uses AI to identify anonymous buyers in real time, avoiding missing any leads. Its sales intelligence tells you the best account to pursue, whether they are in the buying journey, or have already bought your services. 

It delivers relevant insights and data in purpose-built applications to create effective, simplified workflows that integrate with your existing tech stack. 


  • Predictive Analysis
  • CRM Integration
  • Buyer Intent Data
  • Prospective Workflow
  • Account Intelligence
  • Real-Time Insights From Companies
  • Company and People Search
  • Corporate Hierarchy 


There are four plans offered by 6Sense.

  • Free (50 credits/month)
  • Team 
  • Growth 
  • Enterprise

However, no price is mentioned on the website. You can schedule a demo to learn more about it.

2. Phonesites

Phonesites is a mobile-first platform that allows you to create high-converting landing pages and top-notch sales funnel. These AI marketing funnels are responsive across all devices and work flawlessly for all page visitors.

It offers a lot of features including 500+ pre-built, high-quality converting templates, and many other features.


  • Lead Generation Pages
  • Customized Templates
  • No-code, drag & drop builder
  • Email Automation
  • Pop-Up Widget ( For Lead Collection)
  • Embed videos and GIFs
  • Offers Survey & Quizzes
  • Accept Payments


  • Essential Plan ($79/month, Features: 1 custom domain, Unlimited subdomains, 5 websites, 5 AI Writer credits)
  • Unlimited Plan ( $119/month, Features: Unlimited brand domains, Unlimited subdomains, Unlimited websites, Unlimited leads)
  • Unlimited Plus Plan ($179/month, Features: All the features included in Unlimited Plans + Unlimited AI Credits, 12 Funnel Templates)

    3. Plai

    Plai helps you build high-converting landing pages in just a few seconds – the best use of AI tools for successful marketing funnels. All you need is to upload your web URL and get the job done.

    It supports Facebook & Instagram ads, YouTube, Google Search, Google Display, and PlayStore Ads. The best features from these ad platforms are automatically selected – easing the targeted ads. With AI, you can create effective and successful landing pages without any design or coding experience.


    Pricing starts from $27/month that includes:

    • Unlimited ad accounts
    • Unlimited team members
    • Unlimited AI Writing credits

    4. ClickFunnels

    ClickFunnels is one of the best AI tools for marketing funnel that can do all the things of a sales funnel. 

    Want to set up your e-commerce store? ClickFunnel has all you need – adding products, customizing pages, managing inventory, and running promotions. 

    More than 100,000 entrepreneurs use this platform, making it one of the great choices.


    • Drag-and-drop: Easy to create websites and landing pages without coding,
    • Customizable flow, split paths, and trigger user actions. 
    • CRM features like opportunity tracking and conversation management.
    • High-Quality Content Powered By ChatGPT
    • A/B Testing Tool For Sales Funnel


    ClickFunnels offers three price options.

    • Basic $97/month: 20 funnels, 100 pages, three payment gateways, and three domains
    • Platinum $297/month: Unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, nine payment gateways, and nine domains
    • Two Comma Club $2,497/month: Unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, 27 payment gateways, and 27 domains

    5. Akkio

    Akkio, an AI marketing platform, offers a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to all phases of the marketing funnel. Its standout features, however, lie in its advanced lead scoring and churn reduction capabilities, harnessing data-driven intelligence to pinpoint leads with the highest conversion potential.

    It uses your data to create visualizations, and machine-learning models in minutes. Its chatbot analyzes complex datasets to get operational insights to provide you with the required output.  Machine learning can predict important data outcomes like sales forecasts, lead scoring, churn reduction, and more.


    Starting at just $50 per month, billed annually, you can explore Akkio’s offerings with minimal financial commitment. Features includes: 

    • unlimited users
    • unlimited data
    • unlimited flows and deployments
    • integrations and API

    6. By Genesys is an excellent conversational marketing funnel tool for automating conversations to communicate autonomously with leads. It helps you perform automatic lead qualification. With its excellent integration with AI, it engages your prospects by mimicking human-like conversations.

    Its AI-powered sales assistant engages with leads providing them with personalized, two-way conversations. The assistant can answer questions, handle objections, and schedule meetings, while also gathering data to qualify leads.


    • Automatic Lead Qualification
    • Personalized Learning
    • AI-Powered Assistant


    It does not presently offer public pricing plans. You can get customized pricing based on your business’s size and requirements.

    7. Data Studio By Terminus

    Data Studio is a powerful data analytics platform for B2B marketers to measure and drive the success of their account-based marketing (ABM) programs.  This sales funnel acts as a single source for all your ABM data, including first-party data from your customer data platform (CDP), marketing automation platform (MAP), and sales CRM system.

    It helps you to easily create custom reports and dashboards to track your ABM performance across all channels, including advertising, chat, email, and web experiences. It measures the impact of your ABM programs on pipeline and revenue making it one of the best AI marketing tools.


    • Easy Data Integration
    • Conversational Marketing
    • B2B Advertising
    • Email Signature Marketing
    • Personalized on-page and pop-up content for the target segment


    No price is mentioned on the website yet. However, you can chat through ChatBot and schedule a demo.

    8. DashClicks

    DashClicks is a complete CRM package that does all the tasks of a sales funnel including lead tracking, deals, and persistent customers.

    Additionally, each subscription comes with software applications that enable you to swiftly create websites and landing pages using their drag-and-drop web builder. It’s an Inbound software application that offers easy integration with other marketing tools. 


    • Accelerated Checkout System
    • One-click upsell
    • Easy product management from your Stripe account with an AI-powered funnel.
    • Customized Dashboard
    • Easy Integration


    The free plan includes essential features like 500 contact records, a data import utility, one Inbound campaign with reporting and lead freshness tracking

    DashClicks offers paid plans starting from $97 per month for the Pro plan, with the highest-tier plan priced at $597 per month.

    • all apps
    • removes all paywalls,
    • offers unlimited Sub-accounts, and supports unlimited users. 

    9. helps you collect, organize, store, and share all your marketing data from various sources in one unified platform. With 500+ data connections available, makes it easy to build reports that touch on all areas of your business.

    It offers powerful data-blending capabilities to consolidate information from various channels into a single report. This means you can include data on sales, CPC, SEO, and social media channels all in one place.


    • Historical Data 
    • Easy Report Sharing by adding clients to the dashboard
    • 500+ data connections ( Google Ads, Google Analytics, Instagram, and many more)
    • Complex Dataset Handling
    • Interactive Dashboard With Conversions, SQL, Clicks, CPC
    • With custom Formulas and Data Blending, you can effortlessly collect, clean, and visualize all your marketing data from various sources in one unified platform. 


    It offers one free and two premium plans. 

    • Free Plan (350 flex points, 230+ core connectors, 3 destinations)
    • Starter Plan ($400/month, offering 700 flex points, 230+ core connectors, 3 destinations)
    • Business Plan ($1100/month, offering 1000 flex points, 230+ core connectors, 9 destinations)


    I am Tim Branyan. In my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve witnessed firsthand how technologies and tools continually evolve, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Each day seems to bring forth a host of innovative solutions that can be daunting to keep up with. 

    Marketing and Sales have experienced a significant shift towards automation, thanks to advancements in AI and ML. This is precisely why enterprises are making strategies to integrate AI tools for successful marketing funnels – aiming to create sales funnels that maximize their return on investment.

    Marketers have a range of tools and platforms to select from. Your choice, whether it’s an all-in-one solution or a specialized platform, should align with your specific needs. Regardless of your decision, you’re making a significant stride toward future-proofing your marketing strategies.